Jason & lindsay swain

pastors, Leadership Team 

Jason, Lindsay and their kids moved to Fort Collins in October of 2011 to plant Two Rivers. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and received his MA from Talbot School of Theology at BIOLA University.  She graduated from Baylor University. They have been involved in full-time ministry for over 20 years together...beginning in Young Life in 1996, and then in pastoral ministry in 2003. Jason oversees vision, small group ministry, and teaching. Lindsay oversees Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, and local/global missions. Both are available for pastoral counsel for couples and individuals. 


This small town country boy met the love of his life, a SoCal beach girl, at a summer camp during their college days.  Lindsay and Jason have been married 20 years and have 6 children: Jacson (18), Summar (with Jesus), Ellie (15), Savannah (13), Brennyn (10), Mikayla (7).

“We are passionate about helping people find grace, hope, and true freedom in the midst of the struggle and joy that is life. Lindsay and I have been broken on the wheels of living. Life is hard, yet our hope in God sustains us. Life is also good, living in freedom and joy. The “grace in which we stand” is RADICAL if we truly believe it!”

“In our spare time, we enjoy a “Swain Family Dance a Thon,” family fun days, hiking and climbing, biking, camping, back yard BBQs, sharing our story and hearing other people’s stories, and good coffee.”


Sara West

Connections/Community Development

Andrew West

Leadership Team


Andrew and his wife, Sara, started attending Two Rivers Church in the fall of 2015, when Two Rivers was gathering at BeBee Christian School. Andrew is the Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at CSU.  Andrew holds a B.S. in Biology from Montana State University and a M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Science Education from the University of Missouri.

Sara has spent the majority of her work-life involved in hiring and recruitment for Sky Ranch Camps but now spends her time investing in the community of 2RC.  Sara holds a B.S. from the University of Missouri in Human Development and Family Studies.  They have two little girls: Findlay and Allie.

“In our spare time...we enjoy sitting on our front porch, hosting people in our home, drinking good coffee, and watching our kids play.”


Greg Hook

Leadership Team


Greg and his wife, Sarah, started attending Two Rivers Church in the spring of 2015, when Two Rivers was gathering at BeBee Christian School. Greg is the Assoc. Area Director of Young Life here in Northern CO and leads the Young Life College ministry here in Fort Collins. He is a graduate of UNC, Chapel Hill.

He and Sarah have a little boy named Benjamin Wyatt and rascal lab named Boone. In his spare time, Greg enjoys surfing, woodworking, and giving roses to Sarah.


Becca Miller

RiverKids Director 


Becca and her husband, Marty, began attending Two Rivers in the fall of 2016. They have four kids spanning from high school to preschool – Ben (15), Sam (12), Levi (8), and Claire (4).

The past seven years Becca has been busy taking care of her crew, but she’s excited to join with this community to bring the message of grace to even the littlest at 2RC. She has a degree in Elementary Education and before moving to Colorado taught 1st Grade, worked in Student Life on a college campus, and helped coordinate a Children’s Ministry. “In our spare time our enjoys hiking, biking, camping, playing in water (ocean, pool, lake, snow), and reading.”


Connor Patterson

Worship Coordinator & Adminstration


Connor started attending Two Rivers Church in the fall of 2012, when 2RC was just getting started in the Swain’s living room. He has been helping with worship since then and has been the worship coordinator since 2014.

Connor was born in Arlington, TX and grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. He learned to play guitar and lead worship at the church his family attended in Colorado Springs.

Connor studied Liberal Arts and graduated from Colorado State University in 2015. Connor has been involved in Young Life for many years and is passionate about being involved in ministry. He met his wife, Grace, when they were babies and both of their parents worked for Young Life. They started dating at CSU in the fall of 2012 and married July of 2016.

“I love hunting and fishing, playing guitar, and spending time with family. I love living in Fort Collins and I’m thankful to continue to be part of the Two Rivers family. Grace and I believe in the message of freedom, hope and healing that Two Rivers has to share with others.”


Shannon Benton

Worship Coordinator


Team Benton [Shannon, Chrissy, Callen (5 Years), and Linden (2 Years)] joined the Two Rivers family in the summer of 2016. Shannon was the first team member to scout out the scene at Two Rivers and instantly connected with the messages of freedom, hope, and healing that he heard every Sunday.

Shannon has always had an interest in music, but he didn’t pick up a guitar until he was asked to fill a gap on a worship team in Estes Park in 2010 before moving to Fort Collins in 2011. Since that vulnerable and humbling decision was made, Shannon has found a desire to enter into, and lead others into worship. It’s still difficult for him to be on stage in front of people, however, this is where he finds joy in serving and truly feels called.

“I count it a privilege and an honor to join the Two Rivers worship team. In my spare time, I can be found building something, camping, fishing, off roading, or most likely spending time with my family outdoors.”


Lisa Wyman

Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Casey and Lisa started 2RC in Sept. 2015. After growing up in church but never knowing freedom and grace, they found it at 2RC and have been overwhelmed by it every day since.

“Experiencing freedom from anxiety, depression, anger, bitterness (the list goes on and on) and wanting to see others set free as well! I love Jesus! And I love people! I’m so excited to share freedom and grace with the women of 2RC, watching as they grow and know Jesus more day by day.

Casey and I love to take epic (and not so epic) motorcycle rides, rescue animals, brew beer and then enjoy that beer, and have people into our home to feed and love on them! We have two amazing sons, Sebastian 20 and Jaxon 14, and a lot of furry children.”


Ben Springer

Men’s Ministry Coordinator


Ben and Sarah Springer moved to Fort Collins in 2013 with their two boys Sam and Andrew and immediately jumped in with Two Rivers. They moved here from Anchorage, Alaska where they spent most of their lives. They continued their sense of adventure found in Alaska here in Colorado! Whether it’s being in the mountains, traveling throughout the state, camping, and fishing. This family loves to get outside!

Ben found his relationship with Christ in his mid twenties. His redemptive story shows the radical grace and restoration that our God is truly capable of. He’s always willing toshare his story, his path, and help men see their true selves through the eyes of our redeemer! “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galations 2:20

Ben has a business degree in business management. He started a business in professional photography nearly two years ago. “Even in photography I work towards capturing a story and meeting people where they love to enjoy life!  My pursuit as a whole is get to know people on a deeper level. To know and be known is how I live my life. I thank God for that new sense of purpose each and every day!”




bio pic.jpg

Emily and Dan moved to Fort Collins in December of 2010, driving through a snowstorm from Wisconsin. They both attended Carroll College in Waukesha, WI where they met while playing Ultimate Frisbee. Dan works as a software engineer and Emily is currently finishing her Masters of Divinity degree at Denver Seminary. Currently Emily serves in the Colorado Army National Guard as a Chaplain Candidate and hopes to become a chaplain in the military. They started attending Two Rivers Church in the summer of 2017.

“We enjoy being outdoors, playing frisbee, watching the dogs play, camping, or out at Horsetooth enjoying the water. We are proud of our deep Wisconsin roots and never miss a Packer game. We always enjoy sharing these activities with family and friends. We cherish being a part of the Two Rivers family and fully believe in the power and message of Grace upon Grace.”