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Children are valued highly in our church family, for their presence and what they teach us about God and His Kingdom. We currently have 3 classes for children (birth-5th grade) during the 8:30 am service and 4 classes during the 10:30 am service. 

Check-in for RiverKids begins 15 minutes before the service begins.


*A note (below) from Becca Miller our RiverKids Director - Fall 2018

Parents and Families of TwoRivers,

We are in the midst of change as we make more room for the gospel of grace to be shared with more people at TwoRivers.  Please know that we are still working out the details of how the two services will be structured in RiverKids.  Your feedback, questions, and suggestions are very helpful. Please contact Becca Miller (765) 759-8870 or millerpal@gmail.com .  If you are interested in volunteering in RiverKids, we would love to talk to you, too.  

Sarah Taylor has taken a new role with Young Life and will be transitioning away from RiverKids in August.  We are actively in the process of hiring replacements for her role.  She will be missed!

Service information:

  • 8:30:Nursery, RiverLittles, and combined RiverKids K-5 class

  • 10:30: Nursery, RiverLittles, RiverKids, RiverBigs, Siloam, and River Middles

We are beginning a study of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones that will take us through the summer of 2019. We invite you to join us in reading through it with your kids at home.  Maybe read it before bed on Sunday nights and ask a few questions or have your kids tell you what is significant to them/what they don’t understand/etc.  We will follow it chapter by chapter with the exception of Christmas/Advent and Easter.  A possibility for you: cut the following schedule out and tape inside the cover for easier access. 

Jesus Storybook BibleTwo Rivers Reading Plan 2018-2019

Aug 19:  The Story and the Song (page 12)

Aug 26:  The Beginning:  A Perfect Home (page 18)

Sept. 2:  The Terrible Lie (page 28)

Sept. 9:  A New Beginning (page 38)

Sept. 16:  A Giant Staircase to Heaven (page 48)

Sept. 23:  Son of Laughter (page 56)

Sept. 30:  The Present (page 62)

Oct. 14:  The Girl No One Wanted (page 70)

Oct. 21:  The Forgiving Prince (page 76)

Oct. 28:  God to the Rescue! (page 84)

Nov. 4:  God Makes a Way! (page 92)

Nov. 11:  Ten Ways to be Perfect (page 100)

Nov. 18:  The Warrior Leader (page 108)

Nov. 25:  A Teenie, Weenie True King (page 116)

Dec. 2:  [Advent #1} He’s Here! part A (page 176-179)

Dec. 9:  [Advent #2} He’s Here! Par b and The Light of the World (Page 180-191)

Dec. 16:  [Advent #3] The King of All Kings (page 192)

Dec. 23:  [Advent #4] Family service (read from Isaiah 9:6-7, 11:1-9) Names of Jesus fulfilled

Dec. 30:  The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant (page 122)

Jan. 6:  The Good Shepherd (page 130)

Jan. 13:  The Little Servant Girl and the Proud General (page 136)

Jan 20:  Operation “No More Tears!” (page 144)

Jan 27:  Daniel and the Scary Sleepover (page 152)

Feb. 3:  God’s Messenger (page 160)

Feb. 10:  Get Ready! (page 170) 

Feb. 17:  Heaven Breaks Through (page 200)

Feb. 24:  Let’s Go! (page 208)

Mar. 3:  The Little Girl and the Poor Frail Lady (page 214)

Mar. 10:  How to Pray (page 222)

Mar. 17:  The Singer (page 228)

Mar. 24:  The Captain of the Storm (page 236)

Mar. 31:  [Easter] The Servant King (page 286)

Apr. 7:  [Easter] The Dark Night in the Garden (page 294)

Apr. 14:  [Easter- Palm Sunday] The Sun Stops Shining (page 302)

April 21:  [Easter- Easter Sunday] God’s Wonderful Surprise (page 310)

April 28:  Filled Full! (page 244)

May 5:  Treasure Hunt! (page 250) 

May 12:  [Mother’s Day] The Friend of Little Children (page 256)

May 19:  The Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends (page 264)

May 26:  Running Away (page 272)

June 2:  Washed with Tears (page 280)

June 9:  Going Home (page 318)

June 16:  [Father’s Day] God Sends Help (page 326)

June 23:  A New Way to See (page 334)

June 30:  The Dream of Heaven (page 342)

We desire to link arms with all of you as we journey in grace together.  

Our kids are a gift!  Celebrating them alongside of you!

Becca Miller - RiverKids Coordinator

Becca Miller (765) 759-8870